The McLaren P1: Making Hyper-Advanced Aerodynamics GorgeousThe McLaren P1: Making Hyper-Advanced Aerodynamics Gorgeous

A stunning follow up to the MP24…

To a greater degree than any other supercar ever built before, the story here is airflow.Forget about the photos youve seen. Two dimensions cant deliver the complexities surrounding the P1s carbon-fiber skin. Peering into its inlet ducts; lingering on the folds of its diffuser; imagining the wind racing in, over and through the channels carved into its two, single-molded “clamshell” body-panel sections, across its side-jutting barge-boards and over its active rear wing, forcing the car toward the ground and tending to its massive cooling needs, its obvious this is airs world; we just get to breathe in it.

via Jalopnik