Windows Desktop UI Concept | The Verge Forums

 Here’s an understated post put together by Sputnik8 on the The Verge Forums, for an alternative Windows 8 desktop visual style, which is quite frankly as elegant, clean and simple as the metro UI, but sure to be a lot more practical for Microsofts core professional user.

This is a desktop concept that I’ve recently put together for fun. I thought I’d post a few screens to see what people here think. The screens include variations of explorer, ie (with a quick redesign of and bing), media center/player, and skype. Note that I didn’t aim for the design to be completely consistent with what MS calls ‘metro’ (for instance, I specifically didn’t want loops around icons, among other things). Anyway, click on the images to see the full versions.

I’m especially loving the concept for Windows Media Center, come on Microsoft, give this guy a job and a team to make it happen!