Is Microsoft’s Surface Pro waiting on Intel?

An interesting thought from PC Pro, is the next gen Intel processor really the secret to a great microsoft tablet and the 3 month delay for the Pro version?

Since then, Sandy Bridge has been die-shrunk into the slightly more power-efficient Ivy Bridge. But the real game-changer could be Intel’s as-yet unreleased Haswell architecture. Built on the same 22nm process as Ivy Bridge, Haswell will bring aggressive power-management, not only within the CPU but also for the chipset and other internal components.

Speaking at last year’s IDF, Intel CEO Paul Otellini predicted that the evolution from Sandy Bridge to Haswell would slash overall power consumption by a factor of 20 – exactly the sort of boost x86 tablets need to compete with the iPad.

Leaked Intel documents from the first quarter of this year suggested that Haswell would be released as early as March 2013. For a major partner project such as the Surface Pro, it’s perfectly plausible that Intel could step up its timetable to provide a first batch of Haswell chips in January.

via PC Pro blog.