How to use LastPass in Windows 8 Metro Internet Explorer


So in order to test Windows 8 you have to use it the way you would normally use a computer, I use the excellent LastPass password manager, which unfortunately doesn’t work in the Metro version of IE, as it doesn’t support addons of any kind (a big step backwards if you ask me).

Hope ever there is a small glimmer of hope in the form of LastPass offering a service called IE Anywhere, which is meant as a standalone app that hijacks any browser and adds the ability to use passwords store on LastPass.

For me this works surprisingly well in the Metro IE, the main cavate is that you need to be a premium subscriber to LastPass (worth it for the multiplatform apps and just because its a great service and a reasonable $12 a year cost).

This trick won’t work with the WOA (Windows On Arm) based version of Windows8, as it needs to run as an app on the desktop.

Even if it provides a route to have your passwords captured by Windows 8, it’s better than the alternative of manually inputing all your passwords for any existing LastPass users.

[footnote: Windows has a new system called SmartScreen which blocked this app from being used if downloaded in IE, so I’d recommend using another browser just to get going]

Update: after a recent reinstall I couldn’t get this to work anymore, it turns out that Windows 8 was updated to run in protected mode, something that can be disabled in the desktop IE settings, then it works fine. Fhew!


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