How to create a custom Windows 8 image to restore to

When you get a new Windows PC, you often spent quite a bit of time removing, customising and adding in new programs. Windows 8 contains a brilliant system refresh feature, which will reset your computer back to its shipping state, but you might want to restore it to a custom state instead, to avoid setting up all your programs and settings again.

Luckily this is incredible easy using a command called ‘recimg’ creates an image which is used by the refresh facility when restoring Windows.  It will bring back all your desktop and metro apps, plus all their settings.

Open up a command prompt using Administrator rights then type…

mkdir C:\RefreshImage
recimg /CreateImage C:\RefreshImage
recimg /ShowCurrent

Then just take that image file and copy it to a safe place, and as 64gb USB sticks are super cheap these days, I recommend making one a bootable drive, then copying your new image file to it, for next time things need rescuing on that machine.


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