Here’s an interesting hack on the HP Microserver, upgrading the standard 4 drive array up to 9 disks, using a hack to add a disk in between the drive cage and the DVD slot, then adding a Supermicro CSE-M14T-B drive case that fits into the DVD slot but delivers 4x 2.5inch disks.

Statts who put together this mod, has connected the extra spare drive to the external ESata port, and the Supermicro drive array to an IBM ServeRAID BR10i low profile card, which can be found for reasonable costs on eBay.

Pretty impressive considering you could max this setup out with 5x3tb 3.5inch disks and still add 4x1tb drives in a second array, all running with temperatures ranging from 22c to only 32c!

via Overclockers Australia Forums