Unifi controller as a Service in Windows 2012

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I’ve been using the excellent Unifi wireless system for a few months now, I love the profession quality and the flexibility it offers, but one of its most powerful elements, the controller software, is also the most annoying, as it runs as a app on the desktop, which to me isn’t a very professional solution.

The ideal solution would be for the app to be installed as a service in Windows, but as it runs on Java, that seem to be a near impossible feat of engineering.

Since I have just reinstalled my server, I though I would try and get it working with the latest controller (2.1.4) and Java 7 (update 40). The solution that I came to was to run both the x64 and x86 install (the desktop app runs on the x64 version, the service only works on the x86 version, so you can forego one if you prefer).

After installing the latest Java and running through these instructions, you will also need to open the firewall up to the x86 app, stored at  C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe

Its a bit sad that is doesn’t work in the native x64 install, but if you want to get a painless service setup, I would recommend adding the x86 Java install too.

How to show a photo slide show on the Windows 8 lock screen


In Windows 8.1 you can now set a slideshow for use on the lock screen. The feature comes with some great controls, like selecting a dedicated folder, setting the period of activity and whether to show when running on batteries. The feature is easily accessed from in the Settings panel, under PC & devices and Lock Screen.


Simply enable the ‘Play a slide show on the lock screen’ option, then customise it by adding a folder of images, and setting the inactivity and power options after that. Simple and very eye catching!



Windows Media Center in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 Preview - Download and Install

Here’s a top tip from Eightforums if you want to run Windows Media Center in Windows 8.1..

If you have Windows 8 Pro with Media Center and you download the preview through the Windows Store, then you can keep Windows Media Center without reinstalling it.

If you install the preview using the ISO file, Windows Media Center will be removed and you’ll need to reinstall it with your original Windows 8 Pro pack or Windows 8 Media Center Pack product key.


How to switch Windows 8.1 to boot to desktop and the start screen to list all apps

Here’s a great little tip from Betanews, on how to switch Windows 8.1 to boot directly to the desktop and change the start screen to list only apps and not pinned tiles…

The Start screen section provides all the tick boxes you are likely to want. To bypass the Modern UI tick “Go to the desktop instead of Start when I sign in”. Next tick “Show my desktop background on Start” to make the transition between the Start screen and your desktop less jarring.Finally tick the “Show the Apps view automatically when I go to Start”. If you mostly only use desktop programs, tick “List desktop apps first in the Apps view when it’s sorted by category” as well.


Details of next generation HP Microserver leak

New details of the next generation HP Microserver have started to leak, this is the first major update since coming to market, changes include new dual network adaptors (upgraded from the single socket), change to Intel processors (up to 160% performance increase over the N54L), and build in iLO4 remote management support.

The downsides of a redesigned case is that the DVD drive bay is now a laptop style price, which restricts the ability to use it for additional storage solutions, and the dual PCIe slots have been reduced to a single slot.

Also removed is the eSATA connection on the rear, to be replaced by 4x USB 3.0 connectors, which should make using external hard disks much more practical.

If you need the processing power then this is a major improvement, but if you were one of the many home server hackers who have customised their system this could be seen as a reduction in flexibility over the current model.

Time will tell what the new model retails at (estimates range around $499-599 depending on the processor choice) and whether HP will continue the cashback offer they have been running almost since the current model was introduced. Fingers crossed!

More details can be found at ServeTheHome and the new Microsavants Facebook group.

HP’s Project Moonshot project redefines server density

Project Moonshot: HP starts with atom and not with ARM processors - Golem.deProject Moonshot: HP starts with atom and not with ARM processors - Golem.de

I love this new direction from HP in the form of Project Moonshot, this is small scale highly paralleled servers on a whole new scale…

In the first phase of Project Moonshot will consist of a low-power 4.3-U rack enclosure, the HP Moonshot called the 1500th In absolute numbers, the system will still above 650 watts, as shown in the technical data sheet . In the system, there are 45 modules that are similar to some extent Blades, only smaller, with one atom S1200 aka Centerton . with two cores, memory, and a 2.5-inch hard drive The modules can be replaced in case of damage during operation, so are hot-pluggable.