Samsung hard disk hits 1TB per platter, world wonders how to fill 4tb disks

Awesome, just in time for 8k3D movie downloads, samsung have passed 1tb per platter in their manufacturing process, of course it will probably take a couple of years to get down to a reasonable price.

Last year, Sammy’s EcoGreen F4EG squeezed 2TB onto a 3-platter drive (or 667GB per platter), and now the company’s primed to release a new series of Spinpoint drives with even greater areal density at a time and price that remains TBD. Whenever they do get here, the new HDDs promise to deliver 1TB per platter spinning at 5,400RPM — meaning 4TB desktop drives and a terabyte of storage in standard-sized laptop HDDs.

Maybe we don’t need Windows Home Server’s drive extender anymore?

via Engadget.

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