EchoStreams FlashSAN2 SSD storage array

I love this kind of tech, stuff that is on the borderline of bonkers, packing 48 SSD drives into a single rack mounted array, worth following Storage Reviews write up to see if it preforms half as good as it looks…

Looking at the front, the FlashSAN2 includes a super-dense pack of 48 7mm SSD bays, split into four groups. Right now each tray is loaded with a 180GB Intel SSD 520. This platform will no doubt start pushing some impressive performance numbers. Each SSD supports 60,000 IOPS 4K burst, while the LSI 9207-8i HBAs support up to 700,000 IOPS, meaning we could get close to 2 million IOPS throughput burst from this current setup or around 24,000MB/s in bandwidth.


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