I’m loving this classy looking Apple TV tray featured on Uncrate

The Apple TV Tray aims to keep the remote handy by holding both the unit and the remote snugly in a piece of sustainably sourced American Walnut or Maple. Apart from looking great, the tray also protects your remote by lining its slot with 100% Merino wool.

Shame it doesn’t do much about hiding the cables too!


Finally theres a simple desktop tool to upload to Google Photos+, via Google System blog

The latest version of Picasa for Windows and Mac installs a separate utility called Google+ Auto Backup. It’s a simple tool that lets you select the folders that you want to backup automatically and even has support for SD cards. Google+ Auto Backup works in the background, much like Google Music Manager and Google Drive for desktop.

I love the fact you don’t even need to install the horrid Picasa to make this work. It is however clearly full of bugs, the custom folder picker doesn’t work on mac, so you need to use the photos folder in order to get it to upload anything.


Quirky Cordies Desktop Cord Clips and Anchor - Charcoal: Amazon.co.uk: Computers & Accessories

This is my favourite new gadget, the Quirky Cordies Anchor is designed to stop your charging cables flying off the edge of your desk when they’re unplugged.

I use a lot of phone and tablets for work, and they always seem to be flat, so I often need to charge quite a few devices at the same time. This little anchor keeps them all in the same place, but can still be easily untethered. The base is weighty enough to stop it also falling off the edge, its such a simple but well designed widget.

Highly recommended

Marshall's New Bluetooth Speaker Oozes Vintage Style

Marshall's New Bluetooth Speaker Oozes Vintage Style

Now that is one classy speaker, so beautiful that they are all sold out. Via Gizmodo

The speaker’s design pays homage to the classic days of rock and roll that helped make Marshall a household name among musicians. Instead of soft vinyl buttons or a touchscreen interface, the volume and other settings are controlled by a set of traditional analog dials. And in addition to a wireless Bluetooth connection, users can connect their devices with an included coiled 3.5-inch headphone cable, RCA cables, and even the speaker’s optical input.

Grand St. : POP Desk Phone by Native Union - Grand St.

Theres something classy about Grand St’s POP Desk Phone, shame it isn’t bluetooth as I hate cables!..

Perhaps youve seen a POP Phone in the wild. Its probably something you remember, because every person who encounters one has the same where-have-you-been reaction to it. Its sexy, and more importantly, its simple. Now, add to that a lovely, elevated stand for that hot little handset, complete with an anti-slip rubberized platform for your smartphone and you’ve got a full-service phone that’s both business and party rolled into one.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 15.40.02

I’ve been using the excellent Unifi wireless system for a few months now, I love the profession quality and the flexibility it offers, but one of its most powerful elements, the controller software, is also the most annoying, as it runs as a app on the desktop, which to me isn’t a very professional solution.

The ideal solution would be for the app to be installed as a service in Windows, but as it runs on Java, that seem to be a near impossible feat of engineering.

Since I have just reinstalled my server, I though I would try and get it working with the latest controller (2.1.4) and Java 7 (update 40). The solution that I came to was to run both the x64 and x86 install (the desktop app runs on the x64 version, the service only works on the x86 version, so you can forego one if you prefer).

After installing the latest Java and running through these instructions, you will also need to open the firewall up to the x86 app, stored at  C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre7\bin\java.exe

Its a bit sad that is doesn’t work in the native x64 install, but if you want to get a painless service setup, I would recommend adding the x86 Java install too.