Virgin Galactic test main space ship engine

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic finally tested their main rocket engines, the one time you can look out the window and not be scared of flames coming out the main engine…

Today, for example, they had a test-flight of their “Spaceship Two”, firing the soon-to-be-spacecraft’s rocket engine and breaking the sound barrier before successfully landing on a runway in the Mojave Desert.

Virgin Atlantic’s new remodelled Upper Class onboard bar

Virgin Upper Class Bar

Sure, you could say the bar is now quite a bit smaller than their current design, but I’d day it’s a hell of a lot more visually interesting to look at!

In a design collaboration of Virgin Atlantic and VW+BS, first-class passengers from NYC to London will have the opportunity to walk not onto a plane, but into a glowing, spacious bar situated right inside the door, fitted like a Tetris piece against passengers’ seats.

via Co.Design