Is Surface Pro waiting on next gen Intel parts?

Is Microsoft’s Surface Pro waiting on Intel?

An interesting thought from PC Pro, is the next gen Intel processor really the secret to a great microsoft tablet and the 3 month delay for the Pro version?

Since then, Sandy Bridge has been die-shrunk into the slightly more power-efficient Ivy Bridge. But the real game-changer could be Intel’s as-yet unreleased Haswell architecture. Built on the same 22nm process as Ivy Bridge, Haswell will bring aggressive power-management, not only within the CPU but also for the chipset and other internal components.

Speaking at last year’s IDF, Intel CEO Paul Otellini predicted that the evolution from Sandy Bridge to Haswell would slash overall power consumption by a factor of 20 – exactly the sort of boost x86 tablets need to compete with the iPad.

Leaked Intel documents from the first quarter of this year suggested that Haswell would be released as early as March 2013. For a major partner project such as the Surface Pro, it’s perfectly plausible that Intel could step up its timetable to provide a first batch of Haswell chips in January.

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Chrome for Android finally arrives

Chrome for Android beta launches with place shifting, faster rendering, and card view | The Verge
Nice to finally see Chrome on an Android phone (seriously what took so long!), it’s a very solid first version, but for me it will remain defeated by the excellent Dolphin HD browser, as that supports adds such as the excellent Xmarks and Lasspass…

Though Android’s existing browser has long shared bits and pieces with desktop Chrome (notably WebKit rendering and Google’s V8 JavaScript engine), the release of Chrome for Android represents a more thorough synergy: they’re both now based on the open-source Chromium Project, which means it’ll be easier for Google to advance the products in better lockstep with one another — features, capabilities, fixes, and so on.

Worth keeping an eye on for future versions, I’m sure addons can’t be that far off.

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The Infinite Loop tablet stand

An interesting concept, get in now to save $10 off the retail version and get the project off the ground at the same time…

Constructed of a patented metal and plastic moulding, the Infinite Loop stand is essentially a four-foot-long length of plastic coated wire that snaps together. But it’s strong enough to support the weight of a tablet and can be formed into any shape depending on your needs. If you want to use it away from the desk, there are even clips and suction cups to keep the tablet in place.

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Samsung shows off Retina Displays for future tablets

Anyone for an iPad with a 10inch 2560×1600 display (think Apple’s retina display for pixel density)…

At 600 nits, it’s nearly twice as bright as the brightest tablet displays right now. Thanks to a new technology requiring 2/3 the number of sub-pixels (the smaller, RGB components in each pixel), it can consume up to 40% less power than current LCD screens. And it’s thin. These screens are not a half inch thick, or even a quarter inch.

Unfortunately it’s unlikely to see the light of day until mid 2012, until then, we can but dream, via Gizmodo.

NoteSlate teased with new product shots

Engadget applying their eloquent touch on the NoteSlate’s journey from vaperware to production…

Look, you can’t say no to a $99 electronic ink drawing tablet, but to believe that this here NoteSlate has any chance of retailing at that price you’d also need the naiveté of a child who accepts free candies from strangers. While we remain skeptical, said tablet’s website has just been updated with a new stash of product shots and an in-depth walkthrough, which are kinda convincing if you ignore the price tag.

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