Paint explosions

Love Nick Knight’s work…

Eruptions of color burst towards the viewer in these vibrant photographs, entitled Explosions, by Nick Knight. Based in London, the fashion photographer says he “consistently challenge[s] conventional notions of beauty.” Using an accessible medium that is typically associated with fine art, Knight found a way to stop time as lively paints scattered into splatters of color. As the liquids quickly dispersed throughout the air, Knight documented these stunning palettes of complementary tones and hues.

via My Modern Metropolis.

Camille Seaman’s supercell storms

camille seaman captures the beauty of supercell storms

Fantastic series of photos…

American photographer camille seaman has extensively documented the raging beauty of supercell storms stretching from north dakota to texas in a series entitled ‘the big cloud’. teaming with experienced storm chasers, seaman managed to capture the natural phenomena looming over the american landscape – immortalising billowing cloud masses and smoky grey tornadoes.

via Design Boom