Positive reviews of Microsoft’s new Touchmouse

Can only improve on the multi touch Apple magic mouse with something a little more ergonomic to a normal humans hand (although it’s a little shame that its not bluetooth, only another USB dongle!)…

It’s so easy to use, there’s hardly anything to learn. Swipe down with three fingers, and all your windows are minimized; do the opposite and they’re all laid out so you can choose one. Swipe down with two fingers and the window you’re working on is minimized, and vice versa. You can also scroll left or right, say, on an Excel spreadsheet, by moving your finger in the direction desired.

An elegant addition: When you perform any of these multi-touch swipe moves, they’re accompanied by an attractive mini-animation next to your cursor, showing little blue representations of your fingertips moving, complete with misty blue trails that fade away. It’s a hint of how well-integrated the drivers are with Windows 7.

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Windows 8 & Microsoft’s new touch mouse

The flick to pin gestures look really interesting considering how you can split and pin apps in Windows 8’s new start page UI design…

Last week Microsoft revealed the Windows 8 UI at the D9 conference that showed off a “Touch First” UI. Since then a lot of people have been saying that having a “Touch First” UI is going to be good for tablets but what about Desktop or normal laptops that are not touch devices. I then remember the video that Microsoft showed a few months of their new Microsoft Touch Mouse and remember there were some striking similarities between the two videos.

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Microsoft Touch Mouse, the two year late Magic Mouse knock off

Yes it’s great that Microsoft have finally come out with a multi touch mouse, but considering how much skin they’ve had in the game, in the shape of Microsoft Research’s prototypes, and the Surface interaction design, it’s quite embarrassing to come out with something that’s identically to the Apple Magic Mouse, almost TWO YEARS LATER…

This one is more than just a mouse with a touch strip — the entire top of it consists of a “matrix of capacitive touch-sensing electrodes,” and naturally, it supports different multittouch gestures. Based on Microsoft Research concepts, the device will support a slew of gestures, including flicks, pinch-to-zoom, and panning. That all is best seen in the video below, but the sleek black mouse also packs Microsoft’s BlueTrack technology, so it should work on carpets, wood, etc.

And don’t even get me started on the lack of Bluetooth, requirement of a USB dongle. What a mess.

via Engadget.

Extending multi touch gestures on the mac

I’m trying this out, could be useful, as long as you can remember all the relevant gestures…

Apple’s introduction of Multi-Touch trackpads into their latest laptops was a huge step forward for notebook technology, making interacting with your Macbook far easier than ever before. One main criticism was the relatively small number of gestures available.

Although Apple did this to keep things simple for the average Mac user, the developers behind jitouch weren’t satisfied. This small utility opens up a whole new range of trackpad gestures.

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Microsoft’s Arc Touch Mouse

Details of Microsoft’s Arc Touch mouse have finally leaked, hard to say if this is disappointing, although I’m going with tested.com’s view that if this doesn’t use bluetooth then somethings failed already.

From the product images, it seems the Arc Touch form factor stays the same as the first Arc, but it’s impossible to say whether the touch functionality will be implemented to meet the consumer’s needs (and whims). If the specs posted on the German retailer’s website are correct, I will be disappointed that the mouse will need to use up one of my two USB ports instead of connecting via Bluetooth.

I had really hoped it would introduce multi touch support but appears to be a fairly dull introduction of touch interactions to the PC, something my Magic Mouse with driver hacking already does.

Update: According to Paul Thurrott  ‘The Arc Touch is a mouse. That’s all it is. It’s arched in use, and it lays flat for packing’ which could be the very definition of disappointing.

via Tested.