Floating London airport proposal to replace Heathrow

Floating London airport proposal by Gensler

A pretty amazing proposal…

The proposal comes as the UK government looks at ways to increase airport capacity in south-east England. Called London Britannia Airport, it would comprise four floating runways tethered to the seabed and departure concourses leading to underwater rail tunnels, which would connect passengers to central London as well as European rail networks.

Passengers coming by car would travel to three land-based terminals – two located north and south of the estuary and a third proposed between Canary Wharf and the Olympic Park. The proposal also includes plans to transform Heathrow Airport into an eco city providing homes for 300,000 people.

via Floating London airport proposal by Gensler.

New pictures emerge of the building of Londons Tower Bridge

Beautiful photography…

A wonderful collection of photos showing Tower Bridge under construction has come to light. The sepia shots from the 1880s were, unbelievably, recovered from a skip outside the former offices of a bridge contractor many years ago. As luck would have it, their discoverer lives next door to London tour guide and blogger extraordinaire Peter Berthoud, who is now sharing scans of the photos on his web site.

via New Pictures Emerge Of Tower Bridge Under Construction | Londonist.

London Olympic torch revealed

Beautiful, if a tad bit bling for my tastes…

The torch was conceived of by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the unfussy British furniture and industrial designers of BarberOsgerby, and despite all the sneering similes conjured up here, the design has got some thoughtful touches: The body has 8,000 holes to represent the 8,000 people who will carry the torch. As a result, it’s much lighter than solid metal, making it easier to lug around. The perforations also help heat dissipate quickly, which means it won’t conduct down the handle (and burn the torchbearer’s hand)

via Co.Design.

Refreshing the Central London Cycle map

I love these new updated Greater and Central London Cycle Maps, designed by Simon Parker and Illustrated by Jon Haste, they have a campaign to get it adopted as the official version for cyclists…

We believe there should a single ‘London Cycle Map’ that’s clear and easy to use and corresponds to a unified network of signed cycle routes throughout Greater London: the cycling equivalent of the London Underground Map.

via Simon Parker’s Map.