How to create your own In-N-Out Double-Double

Yes it’s wrong but A Hamburger Today has the guild on how to recreate one of the best burgers around (and unfortunately restricted to the east coast of America, for now…)

The patties are covered with the cheese, then the caramelized onions are applied liberally to a single patty before topping it with the second, fusing all the elements together into a single cheesy, beefy, sweet, oniony, gooey, salty, oozy, crispy, meaty, savory, melty, delicious mess. American food don’t get much better than this!

Om nom nom nom

via The Burger Lab

How to enable Aero Peek in Chrome to preview tabs in Windows

Here’s a great tip from the geniuses over at Lifehacker, now you can enable Aeropeek in Windows 7 so you can get preview of each tab rather than each Window (much like ie8 supports)

If you want to enable it, all Chrome builds (including the stable build) will let you add the flag –enable-aero-peek-tabs after the quoted path in the shortcut on your desktop or in your taskbar (if you hold shift when you right click you can go to properties and add it there).

This is very handy if you’re anything like me with one window but lots of tabs open at once.

via Show Chrome’s Tabs as Separate Aero Peek Thumbnails.