Apple adds speedier SSDs to latest batch of MacBook Airs

An interesting little titbit around Apple change supplier from Toshiba to Samsung for their Macbook Air SSD storage, which seems to have delivered a nice little performance boost. Could this be a foreboding of a Core i5 update to the Air in June?

Anandtech has run some speed tests on the two blade SSDs and found that the original Toshiba device with the model number TS128C has a read speed of 209.8 MB/second and a write speed of 175.6 MB/second. That’s slower than the newer Samsung SSD with the model number of SM128C. The Samsung SSD has read speeds of 261.1 MB/second and a write speed of 209.6 MB/second.

While that read/write speed increase isn’t astonishingly faster, it is noticeable in real-world use. It’s also important to note that Anandtech can’t confirm that the newer SSD is manufactured by Samsung, but it is likely that is who makes it since Apple has used Samsung SSDs before and because the performance of the SSD matches Samsung’s 470 Series of blade SSDs.


Beautiful etsy laptop sleeve

Etsy is such a great place for unique and high quality laptop cases, I love the style of this beautiful Macbook Air case, a beautiful way to show off a stunning laptop…

Our wool felt has a unit mass of 900g/m² and with a thickness of 3 mm it provides excellent protection for your laptop. Felt is water repellent, insulating and anti-static. While the material offers aesthetically strength it is also soft to the touch. At the bottom you will find finest leather pads made from 100% vegetable tanned leather which makes it comfortable to carry. This pocket also protects the snaps to be in contact with your laptop. Surrounded just by wool this sleeve will keep your laptop heavenly soft.

via Etsy

MacBook Air expected to bring Sandy Bridge update in June

More rumors of this years must have update to the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro line, this time streamlining the laptops by using the additional power and improved integrated video capabilities of the new Sandy Bridge processor…

The MacBook Air refresh is expected in June, according to a source familiar with Apples plans.An Apple representative declined to comment on the companys Sandy Bridge plans.

A Sandy Bridge processor would be a welcome addition to the MacBook Air, which currently uses a Core 2 Duo chip, essentially the same basic processor technology the Air has used since its introduction three years ago. That three-year span puts Core 2 Duo chips two generations behind Sandy Bridge.

I seriously want an Macbook Air but am going to hold out for an update, I use photoshop every day after all!

via CNET News.