The wooden Apple TV tray

I’m loving this classy looking Apple TV tray featured on Uncrate

The Apple TV Tray aims to keep the remote handy by holding both the unit and the remote snugly in a piece of sustainably sourced American Walnut or Maple. Apart from looking great, the tray also protects your remote by lining its slot with 100% Merino wool.

Shame it doesn’t do much about hiding the cables too!

Google+ Auto Backup for Desktop


Finally theres a simple desktop tool to upload to Google Photos+, via Google System blog

The latest version of Picasa for Windows and Mac installs a separate utility called Google+ Auto Backup. It’s a simple tool that lets you select the folders that you want to backup automatically and even has support for SD cards. Google+ Auto Backup works in the background, much like Google Music Manager and Google Drive for desktop.

I love the fact you don’t even need to install the horrid Picasa to make this work. It is however clearly full of bugs, the custom folder picker doesn’t work on mac, so you need to use the photos folder in order to get it to upload anything.


The Quirky desktop cable anchor

Quirky Cordies Desktop Cord Clips and Anchor - Charcoal: Computers & Accessories

This is my favourite new gadget, the Quirky Cordies Anchor is designed to stop your charging cables flying off the edge of your desk when they’re unplugged.

I use a lot of phone and tablets for work, and they always seem to be flat, so I often need to charge quite a few devices at the same time. This little anchor keeps them all in the same place, but can still be easily untethered. The base is weighty enough to stop it also falling off the edge, its such a simple but well designed widget.

Highly recommended